NOKIA G10 + NOKIA G10 From R299PM x 24

  • R299PM x 24 On Red 1GB | 50 Mins | 500MB Anytime Data | 500MB Night Owl
  • Contract Deal Includes a FREE RED Flexi 65PM x 24 valued at R1560

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To survive family life, you need energy. Lots of energy. Luckily, Nokia G10 has what you need, with a battery that goes for days – not hours – between charges.

The big screen will captivate your kids for the whole of the journey, and its triple rear camera with enhanced imagery means you’re always ready to catch those special moments, whenever they might happen. Combine that with the latest Android™ 11, two years of software upgrades and three years of security updates and you’ve got a phone that will truly stand the test of time.

The secret to happiness is… battery life. Once your mobile dies it’s all missed calls, sulking, and tantrums. That’s why Nokia G10 comes with a battery that can last up to 3 days between charges¹

With regular monthly security updates for 3 years, your files, videos, photos and data are always in safe hands.

Want to stay on top of who said what, when? With Android 11 you see, respond to and control your conversations across multiple messaging apps, all in the same spot. And with two years of software updates, you’ll always get the latest features. It’s like getting tomorrow’s phone, today.

Nokia G10 and its big-screen comes with a brightness boost so everyone can still enjoy their favourite movies, TV and apps even in bright daylight.

Family time is frantic, fun and can pass by fast. But Nokia G10 and its triple camera mean you’re always ready to capture those special memories, from school plays to family celebrations and everything else in between.

Nordic design is renowned for its minimalist, elegant aesthetics. That’s exactly what you get with state-of-the-art technology wrapped inside a lightweight, slimline, durable casing – a casing that comes in two unique, Nordic-inspired colours, Night and Dusk.

With a side fingerprint sensor and face recognition, you can unlock your phone in an instant – proving once and for all that parents do indeed have superpowers.

In Finland, our approach to life and happiness is simple – keep hold of the things that you love and trust. When we apply this philosophy to designing a phone, the result is clear: an everyday companion that you can rely on, one that will stand the tests of time. The latest range of

Nokia phones are no exception. With innovative features, durable builds and ongoing software and security updates, they’ll stand by you for many, many tomorrows.