The Perfect Start Up

Perfect Start Up (SIM, OS Account, My Vodacom App)FREE
Apps X3 Download / Install / UpdateR75
Data Backup (8GB Flash Drive included)R299
Data Backup (Flash Drive not included)R150
Data TransferR250
Device Setup + EmailR150
Email SetupR75
Laptop Setup + Configuration (Email, Modem, Apps)R250
Modem/Router Firmware Update Non-WarrantyR75
Software Non-WarrantyR255
Software & Data Backup (Flash not included)R369
Data Transfer + Device Setup + Email X1 + Apps X5R5799
Data Transfer + Email X1 + Apps X5R6999
Email X1 + Apps X5R7699

*iPhone Devices Only. T & C’s apply. All prices include VAT%.