Apple Vision Pro – what’s all the hullabaloo? The South African Scoop!

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro – what’s all the hullabaloo? The South African Scoop!

“Why in the name of all things revolutionary should we care about this? Haven’t we seen this stuff before, and it was a complete flop?”

“Are they absolutely bonkers? Who in their right mind would fork over their hard-earned cash for this thing?!”

When I first laid eyes on the reveal and the hefty price tag of $3,999 (Approximately R75 000), I was repulsed. It felt like an April Fool’s prank that somehow got stuck in June. And judging by the abundance of memes flooding social media, it seems I wasn’t the only one taken aback. But, believe it or not, my repulsion somehow sparked a bizarre curiosity that led me down a research rabbit hole. I found myself asking, “How on earth could this possibly benefit me?”

As someone immersed in the creative industry, I’ve witnessed the overwhelming presence of Apple devices in workspaces. Creatives like me are always on the hunt for the best tools that can boost our efficiency and save us precious time. Designers, architects, developers, marketers—you name it, we all strive for that cutting-edge advantage. So, let’s take a cheeky dive into the delightful benefits of the Apple Vision Pro:

  • No more juggling multiple devices! Say goodbye to that backpack filled with clunky gear.
  • Who needs a keyboard when this bad boy can work independently? Forgetful moments won’t be an issue.
  • Your hands and eyes become the magical wizards controlling the show. It’s time to embrace your inner laziness!
  • The resolution will blow your socks off—more than 4K per eye. Prepare to have your retinas tickled!
  • Choose to see the real world or block it out entirely. You’re the master of your own immersive destiny.
  • Say adios to nosy parkers peeping over your shoulder. Keep your viewing experience as private as you please.
Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro in a creative / office environment . Image Source:

If these mind-boggling features tugged at your heartstrings, let’s delve deeper into the captivating world of the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple has gone all out with high-resolution cameras dedicated to tracking hand movements at the bottom of this device. And with the eye-tracking array nestled inside, once calibrated, it’s like having a personal highlighter for nearly everything you look at. It’s almost as if Apple has bestowed us with the gift of superhuman vision!

No need to worry about your hand gestures going unnoticed—this device detects them from any angle. You can rest your hands comfortably on your lap while the magic unfolds. Unlike those other hand-tracking interfaces that demand you hold your hands up like a confused muppet, Apple saves you from that exhausting arm workout. How thoughtful! And here’s the cherry on top: a simple, effortless tap of your fingers, and abracadabra! It’s like having your own digital genie granting your wishes. But wait, there’s more!

I can’t contain my excitement over the Passthrough feature in this device. It tackles the age-old concern of being oblivious to your surroundings and enhances your comfort and endurance during extended VR or AR sessions. With a real-time 4K view of the world around you, including the unexpected company of others in your personal space, you’ll never feel alone in your virtual adventures. Behold the extraordinary mixed-reality headset that seamlessly blends the marvels of augmented reality—where digital wonders frolic in the real world—with the immersive experience of virtual reality that engulfs your senses. It’s like living in a parallel universe where the line between the digital and physical realms blurs. Prepare to be mind-blown!

It’s these charming little details that spark my curiosity and make me appreciate the thought put into this device. I’m irresistibly drawn to this fascinating technology like a moth to a mesmerizing digital flame!

Apple Vision Pro in an entertainment/ home environment.
Apple Vision Pro in an entertainment/ home environment. Image Source:

The Apple Vision Pro is breaking barriers and redefining how we create immersive and interactive experiences. This revolutionary technology enables developers to simulate real-world scenarios, anticipate potential issues, and deliver interfaces that feel as natural as breathing. The result? Enhanced user experiences across a wide range of applications that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Entertainment, collaboration, and innovation are about to receive a much-needed upgrade, my friends!

Now, I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this quirky contraption. Drop us a line on our social channels, and let’s engage in some delightful banter 😉

Written by: Marion Richards, 12 June 2023. Edited for style and content by Chat GPT, June 12 2023,