Cellucity Tech Zones

When it comes to any tech gurus we never really view them as a starting point in the sales journey. We normally turn to them when we have an issue with our phones, a problem that a quick Google search won’t be able to fix. But why do we only turn to them in times of trouble?

Imagine the following scenario: After some serious research (or a really good sales pitch) you decide on your next phone. You sign the paperwork, pay the fees and walk out the store out with your shiny toy but once you get home that’s when your real work starts. For a tech newbie setting up a phone can be a bit of a daunting task. Some of us are not tech savvy at all, this is where our gurus step in.

Cellucity have always tried to offer our clients the best total solution from start to finish. This means we are focusing our tech guru’s to assist our clients to get up and running before they leave our store.

Whether it is backing up all your data, setting up emails, screen savers and calendars or simply just adding an app or two they have you covered.

Now I know that some of you are absolute whizz kids and know how to do all of this but while it’s just you and me here it’s sometimes nice to be a bit lazy. Why do all the work when we have a team who is happy to do it for you? #justsayin.

Offering a sub menu of services our technical expertise is not an all or nothing approach. By this I mean that should you only need one app loaded you will not be charged the same as a full on laptop or tablet set up. On the other hand should you need the full enchilada we will not charge you per service. We have many bundled options available which include a variety of services at one set price.

Not a Cellucity client? No worries, if you have a problem I’m sure we can solve it, pop in let us know what’s going on and we may pleasantly surprise you. Our guru’s knowledge is not limited to cell phones alone. Laptops, tablets our guys can do it all! As Jerry Gregoire of Dell fame said “the customer experience is the next competitive battleground” and I believe that Cellucity is blazing the trail!

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