Crosscall TREKKER-X4 – Create Your Life Story

Crosscall Trekker X4 Rugged Smartphone

The Crosscall TREKKER-X4 – Create your life story

With a lens and functions worthy of the best action cams, the TREKKER-X4 was designed to accompany you on your most extreme expeditions but also to capture them. Thanks to its dedicated application, X-CAM, you can create your stories while filming, editing and sharing your achievements easily, and above all, instantly. Its intuitive use, its reinforcement, its shock resistance and its waterproofness also make it very comfortable to use, turning it into an everyday smartphone that is always ready for action, whether it’s at the other end of the world or in your basement.


There has never been such a fine line between an action-cam and a smartphone. In fact, the TREKKER-X4 delivers everything you could expect from the best of action cams: a wide-angle lens up to 170° and state-of-the-art performance capture – slow motion up to 120 frames/sec, HD video up to 40k at 30fps, stabilisation (anti-shaking) and hyper-stabilisation (horizon remains flat), etc. – and all of it sheltered inside the most reliable, hardest-wearing of smartphones.


With its IP68 certification, the TREKKER-X4 is impermeable to all solids as well as liquids. In salty water as well as in chlorinated swimming pools, it can be immersed for 1 hour up to 2 metres deep and you can even take it with you for water-based activities involving serious amounts of splashing. Jet-skiing, kayaking, snorkelling, you can enjoy everything without having to worry about your TREKKER-X4.


With durability like this, there’s no doubt that it’s a CROSSCALL. Its reinforced Corning Gorilla Glass on the back and front won’t crack or break on impact. Its structure is mounted on bushing and absorbs shocks, and includes fibreglass, an internal magnesium metal plate, aluminium sidebars and reinforced corners… Its durability has been proven since the TREKKER-X4 has the highest pass rate for the MIL-STD military-standard tests for any smartphone from the brand. The MIL-STD military standard is US Army-created examination to replicate actual conditions of use for electronic appliances in the field, in extreme conditions


With its 4,400mAh battery, the TREKKER-X4 pushes back the boundaries to allow you to enjoy its features and its camera for as long as possible and even more besides, thanks to its outdoor continuous use energy saving mode. It quickly regains its battery with optimised QC 3.0 charging and a shielded USB-C cable that comes in its own box.


With Panomorph Technology, the TREKKER-X4 provides stabilised wide-angle images, with minimum distortion, closer to the eye’s real vision. Even when you are close to your subject, your photos keep their depth and stay detailed. Additionally, you have a choice of angles, such as 88°, 110°, 140°, 170° and you can choose the degree that will best showcase your action.


The TREKKER-X4 was designed in partnership with recognised experts in image processing. Performance and image quality have been improved at every step of its development to achieve unprecedented precision. It has excellent photo quality (dual 12 MP LARGE PIXEL) thanks to its dual camera and its ultrafast autofocus; hybrid autofocus (PDAF, optimal in high brightness) and laser autofocus (optimal in low light).


Its full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) gives it a precision display down to the smallest detail. A 5.5” screen for that is very comfortable to use both when dealing with everyday messages and when appreciating your best videos.


The TREKKER-X4 sports a sleek and sporty design and incorporates the very best features of a wide-angle action-cam in just 12.85 millimetres of thickness. The curved lines and the sanded aluminium sidebars of the smartphone make it easy to handle. Its anodised chamfers are designed for reinforced wear and shock resistance. The light is thus reflected across various surface types, creating a harmonious and attractive interplay between the different materials. The perfect compromise between hard-wearing materials and design, the TREKKER-X4 is ideal both for town use and in the mountains!


The magnetic connector on the back of your smartphone is designed so you can fix and connect it in one single movement to the exclusive X-LINK accessories. As such, you can load and/or transfer data using the OTG function (once attached to compatible accessories). The X-LINK also gives you access to a range of accessories specifically designed to enhance the TREKKER-X4 photo/video experience.

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