Shoot your favourites your way with the new LG K-Series

Lg feature image of the K61 and K41S front and back

With a sea of new devices launched ever more frequently, it is not surprising that the question of which cellphone to commit yourself to can be quite daunting and anxiety-provoking. The phrase “I have left my upgrade so late because I don’t know where to start” is not uncommon in the industry. Price vs features and capability are also always top up mind. With the new K-series release, I believe LG has found a happy medium between features and price. The new range offers a premium user experience without breaking the bank. In my opinion, the new K-series provides a compelling argument to sway attention from other popular brands – so, let’s dive in.

The two models currently on offer through Cellucity are the LG K41S and the higher spec’d LG K61. What I found so impressive is the build quality of both devices. Robust yet light, my first impression was these devices can take a knock – and I was not wrong. Both devices are rated MIL-STD-810G – having gone through rigorous testing, including drop and shock tests. These two devices are durable.
For the Netflix and social content fans out there, both devices offer an immersive viewing experience with LG’s FullVision display offering amongst the slimmest bezels out there. The LG K41S offers a 6.55-inch HD+ display while you will get a 6.53-inch FHD+ screen both with scratch-resistant glass.

The camera is where both devices shine. Both the LG K61 and the K41s have quad rear cameras including wide, ultrawide, macro and depth lenses. The LG K61 is the more expensive option possessing a 48MP+8MP+2MP+5MP quad-camera whereas the LG K41S you will get a 13MP+5MP+2MP+2MP rear camera. Selfie wise you can expect a 16MP on the K61 and an 8MP on the LG K41S. The camera was responsive and easy to use on both devices and included some super cool extra features which I loved. In the day and age of point and shoot the performance of the two cameras, for me, left no doubt that if I needed to capture a snap at the spur of the moment, I would not struggle.

Both models come with a whopping 4000mAh battery, ensuring that these phones will last through the day with no problems. They each have an Octa-Core Mediatek processers with the LG K61 clocking slightly higher at 2.3GHz versus the LG K41S at 2.0GHz. The LG K61 has 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard memory while the LG K41s has 3GB RAM and 32GB onboard. One may feel with such good cameras that the internal memory may be a bit low. But, these devices both can support up to 2-terabytes expanded memory. The point here is that on either device you are receiving respectable memory backed up by excellent performance at a fantastic price.

Finally, both devices offer security in the form of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. For me, this far outperforms the side fingerprint sensor and is more intuitive – it just makes sense.

Price-wise, the LG K41S, comes in at an incredible R3499 with the LG K61 retailing for R5999. On a 24-month contract, you can get the LG K41S starting from just R199 per month and the LG K61 from R349 per month.

These two devices offer value with premium functionality at an excellent price. They have a slick design, superb build quality, powerful batteries and excellent processing performance. Throw in the brilliant cameras, and you really cannot ask for anymore. LG has beefed up on the basics and has produced two solid models which I believe will be amongst the most asked for devices in the coming months.