Rumour has It: The Huawei P30 Range – What we know so far

There is no doubt that the P20 series launched last year from Huawei was a global success. Following on the Huawei Mate20 Pro was voted product of the year 2019. With the new P series set to launch in just over a week leaks have been fast and furious as to what to expect and what wow factor will be implemented in the new range. With all this information on hand, we have rounded up what we think are the most realistic aspects we can expect from the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. First, let’s look at the design. We can expect the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro to sport the same glass and metal design featured in their predecessors the P20 and P20 Pro with the P30 sporting a 6.1-inch flat OLED display and the P30 Pro sporting a 6.47-inch curved OLED display. There has been no mention yet of a Lite version but based on previous releases I think it is reasonable to expect one to be introduced with the launch or at a later stage.

We can also expect to see the same glossy gradient featured on the P20 series along with the introduction of a beautiful orange colour “Ambre Sunrise” featured exclusively on the P30 Pro. Other colour options will be black, blue/green and white. The display is said to almost edge to edge and will buck the current punch hole trend for the teardrop notch. There are also rumours that an in-display optical fingerprint sensor will replace the conventional fingerprint sensor much like that featured on the Mate20 Pro. One more possible win for the new P30 series is the inclusion of the 3.5m jack – something sorely lacking in my opinion on the P20 series.

Word around town is that the new P30 series is set to rewrite the rules of photography. So, what can we expect from the two new models? Both models will feature a triple rear camera set up (in conjunction with new Leica technology hardware) with the P30 featuring a 40MP+16MP+8MP setup and the P30 Pro featuring a 40MP+20MP+8MP setup. The real exciting take away though is the inclusion of the periscope zoom – said to be the P30 series signature feature. On paper, this will allow 10 x optical zoom on your P30 Pro and 5 x optical zoom on your P30. This is a first for mobile devices and looking at the photos online – Huawei is intent on keeping their word. Furthermore, leaked images have suggested a “time of flight” sensor being included on the models. Essentially this means the cameras will be able to capture real-time depth information for greater 3D rendering. And for the social media kings and queens out there the P30 and P30 pro are both set to sport a 32MP front camera.

Popping the hood on these two devices, can we expect to see upgraded internals. If the rumours are true, then yes. The P30 is set to be released with 128GB onboard memory, and a whopping 6GB RAM while the P30 Pro is expected to be released with either 128/256GB onboard memory and an insane 8GB RAM. Coupled with the rumoured octa-core 1.8Ghz processor featuring Huawei’s own Kirin 980 chipset both devices are going to deliver solid performance. We can expect to see Emotion UI 9 and Android Pie on both devices.

Unknowns currently are the waterproof ratings and the inclusion of wireless charging, but we haven’t got long to wait and if all the rumours are true, even without an IP rating and wireless charging, the P30 series will be a solid investment and cracks a nod from me.

None of this is official of course, stay tuned or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information as it becomes available.

Written by: Lesa J.