The BlackBerry KEYone – Bringing Qwerty Back

OK, I’m just going to come right out with it. If you are someone who is looking for an uncomplicated, efficient user experience or a business person who uses their phone as the beacon of all that is professional – get ready to have your socks rocked!

Operating on Android OS BlackBerry has done what it should have many years ago. Operating on the latest version of Android (Nougat) the BlackBerry KEYone offers a more friendly and uncomplicated experience. Along with DTEK security, a BlackBerry staple, the KEYone is currently the most secure Android phone on the market-priceless in business or pleasure! With cyber-attacks a daily reality DTEK will analyze and advise as to the security of your phone and how to increase it. Even though it has switched to Android, BlackBerry has not compromised on its dedication to phone privacy and security.

But there’s more. The QWERTY KEYBOARD! A comeback that is most welcome! True this has effected the size of the touch display but at 4.5 inches you won’t really notice this. Offering a full “physical” QWERTY keyboard I felt I typed better and more accurately when compared with a touch screen. Better still, my nails were not a problem. Sick of the keyboard? Simply hit that SYM button and an on-screen keyboard will appear.

Predictive text – no worries the screen will display a range of words. Want to pick one? Simply swipe up on the keyboard under the chosen word and Bob’s your uncle! Here’s the kicker-my favourite feature is that each key acts as a shortcut (need to set up). Up to 52 short cuts – get you to where you want to be quickly! Just don’t forget which key is which shortcut.

BlackBerry Hub – two words but massive impact. For me, I like to see all my messages displayed in one folder. The Hub does this. From missed calls to WhatsApp, emails and text messages – all in one place. Furthermore, if you are replying to an email the templates are word styled. I know most phones have the ability but you have to follow a few extra steps. Again BlackBerry KEYone – Convenience!

Battery life is a massive concern for people constantly on the move – but no more. With a massive 3505mAh battery – I tested the BlackBerry KEYone to the limit. You can expect roughly 26 hours of fair usage per charge but my experience was even better, averaging about 2 days on a half charged battery. With quick charger ability you will get about 50% charge in little over a half hour.

Returning to the basics, the setup was a breeze. All I had to do was touch my old phone back to back with the KEYone and all the info transferred-for real! If you have an older model the built-in tutorials are also very useful or, just get our handy gurus in store to assist.

Camera wise you get a solid 12MP front and 8MP Selfie. While completely respectable I did notice lack of camera modes available. That being said the dual tone flash took excellent quality photos at night! The convenience key on the right of the handset worked very well as a shortcut launch to the camera. You can assign this key though to whatever you would like.

The design is the only thing I wasn’t 100% sold on. The merge of old age nostalgia on the top with the sleek modern look below threw me off a little – this is a subjective opinion though. The phone was lighter than expected, easy to use with either one or two hands and designed to take a knock or two. Internal specs are completely in range for a business tool and I experienced no lag or problems when using the device.

To sum up, whilst perhaps not the ideal phone for the social media king or queen, the BlackBerry KEYone is my favourite phone of 2017 so far. I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up and I eagerly await my upgrade!

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