Hisense C30

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants, needs or can afford a “top of the range” phone. But on the flip side everybody wants the best features and functions possible for their budget. In my search for a phone that bridges the gap between entry level and top of the range I was lucky enough to be able to test the Hisense C30 – and I loved it! I love a bargain and coming in at R4499 I was not disappointed. So what is so great about this phone? Let’s dive in.

Design! I loved this. The carbon fibre like back coupled with the rubberized edging and gold trimming offers a unique design that works – a jumbled texture of smooth and rough but with a premium look and feel. The camera lies flush on the back giving a sleek overall look but the real kicker is that at 7.95mm it is the slimmest smartphone with three proofs of life: IP68 water resistant; dust resistant and IK04 shock resistant! Along with the Corning Gorilla Glass the durability offered is priceless and I have not yet been able to find a phone with this type of protection factor at this price!

The C30 is a dream to use. The full HD 5.2″ screen really holds up to its higher priced competition with the display crisp, clear and impressive along with excellent responsiveness. With an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM you couldn’t really ask for more if you are an everyday user. It should be mentioned here that the C30 is LTE capable with excellent speed tested across multiple social platforms.

For those not au fait with the ins and outs of cell phones the Mobile Manager on the Hisense C30 is a cool and very easy feature. It makes it very easy to block calls, SMS and intercept all numbers not on the so called approved list – All this without having to download an app! The Mobile manager also makes it real simple to back up and store any data that you would like. I feel these are features that are often overlooked and underplayed but essential to understand so it’s cool that it’s made super user friendly.

Special features on the C30 include one-handed mode which makes the screen a bit smaller for easier use if you need, gloves mode (great in winter) motion call and answer and pocket mode which makes the ringing or vibration louder. Again small features but they really enhance this handset.

I could go on for days about how cool and very, very special I found this phone. Using it was an absolute pleasure and I really think that Hisense has hit a home and has managed to offer a top flight phone at an amazing price! If I was in the business of recommending phones this would definitely get my vote!

Check out the C30 online – Click HERE

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