HiSense Infinity KO makes sense

With the cost of premium smartphones becoming more and more ridiculous each year, and feature sets that whilst ever improving, don’t really add up to much greater innovation than the previous models, the market for quality affordable Smartphones is really hotting up!

Coupled to the debate on taking out a contract or going prepaid where can you actually find the best value proposition?

With the mobile networks offering great specials when you take a “sim-only” package, for example Vodacom this month offering 10GB for only R299 per month, it would be fantastic to be able to take advantage of various networks offers and create your “own” plan.

To do this does require a dual sim device… Dual sim means you can slot in two simcards into one phone, and then assign each sim to either Voice or Data connections. So effectively you could have your Voice sim on Vodacom and your Data Sim on Telkom, effectively allowing you to take advantage of the various deals on offer.

Step up the HiSense Infinity KO, the premium dual sim smartphone. If you don’t have limits, why should your phone? The LTE enabled Hisense Infinity KO can roll with the punches, being water, dust and shock proof according to IP67 certification standards.
This 5-inch smartphone comes complete with a high-speed 1.36GHz octa-core processor, a massive 3GB of RAM and an ample 32GB of storage space.

With its 13 megapixel camera, it can record Full HD video footage of your latest thrills, while the 5 megapixel front snapper will capture you going where angels fear to tread.
Finally, the KO’s sizeable 3200mAh battery ensures that a drained phone will be the least of your worries, and at R4,199 it’s great value!

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