Take great pictures with your smartphone

I’m regularly frustrated by the photos my friends post on their Facebook pages. They have great phones so there is no excuse for taking poor, out-of-focus pictures.

Nearly anyone can learn how to take great pics, provided they keep in mind certain key principles which i have listed below.

1. Pay attention to your background

Don’t get so caught up in focusing on your subject that you pay no attention to the background. For example, you don’t want to include the pavement rubbish bins when you’re taking a photo of your friend. Rather move closer or ask the person you’re photographing to step to the side to exclude the unwanted details from the frame.
(side note: when taking video, take note of the background noise… turn off the TV / shush people if you have to.)

2. Perspective

Take your photographs from unusual perspectives to create interesting effects. Shoot upwards from a low angle to make things look large, or take your shot from a higher angle make things look smaller or to capture a larger area of detail. Selfies are best taken from above to get rid of those extra chins, you can also stick your neck out slightly. If you have babies or kids, get down to their level

3. Zoom with your feet

Zooming with your camera phone results in awful pixelation and increases sensitivity to camera shake, resulting in blurred imagery. Rather get closer to your subject for the perfect close-up. Cropping gives better results than using a digital zoom.

4. Stop shaking

To lessen camera shake, be as still as possible while shooting: take a deep breath in, hold, press, breathe out.

5. Don’t use your flash

Using flash can give your photos a sterile, over-lit look, which can be especially harsh on faces. If you must use flash – don’t take the picture. Why not Lighten up the scene with external lights.

6. Play with Apps & Filters to enhance your photos

Experiment with filters apps like Instagram to create a style that you like. Photos shown in a group with a particular filter look great together, like in a gallery or on Instagram.

Great photos are made in the editing process. Pro photographers almost always touch up their photos to get the exact look and effect they want.

My favourite at the moment: Pixlr it has great filters and overlays to enhance even the dullest pic. (Please stay away from the “Creative” effects, they are quite bad.)

Soon you’ll be able to upload your masterpieces to the world wide web and impress your friends.

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