The X Factor – Sony Xperia X

Sony has long been at the premium end of the market, and consistently produces high quality superbly finished phones. However with the company under financial pressure the lack of marketing and fanfare when launching its latest products is resulting in a dwindling market share as it faces fierce competition from the likes of Huawei and Samsung in the SA market.

We expecting the latest Xperia X to touch down in South Africa in June, and it certainly packs some punch.

Focusing predominantly on its camera technology to set the “X” apart in a premium sector where the manufacturers have “started splitting” atoms to try create differentiating factors to make their products the ones of choice, Sony is going for its fastest camera to date, with predictive hybrid autofocus.

So what does this mean? The 23MP back camera will now enable you to quickly take a photo, from start up to capture in under 0.6 seconds… Being an iPhone user I have always bemoaned Android phones for being sluggish when wanting to take quick snaps, so if Sony gets this right, its definitely an impressive feature.

Secondly they have incorporated “Predictive Hybrid AutoFocus”, which allows you to select and track a person or object so that the selection stays in focus whilst moving. Think of you trying to capture your kids playing but you keep getting blurry images? Well with PHA, that should be a thing of the past.

Lastly on the camera front, the front facing camera will be a 13MP one with enhanced low light imaging for the perfect nighttime selfies.

So overall the “X” will feature a premium metal chassis, which is beautiful to look at and delightful to hold, a 5” triluminos” display and an expected battery life of 2 days.

Time to get the “X” Factor ☺

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