Bubblegum Tablet

Not being a parent, I have noticed that when I am around my nephews or visiting friends with kids, one of the items kids are fascinated with are their parents mobile phones! More and more I see parents using their iPads and Tablets to distract kids whilst they sit at a restaurant and get some quiet time for themselves. The drawback is that dropping an iPad can set you back around R6K if that screen gets broken, and as we all know in the hands of kids a tablet is bound to take a fall.

It is also difficult to ensure the kids are not doing things they shouldn’t on your tablet and accessing photos and apps which are not meant for their eyes.

Enter the Bubblegum tablet, a great solution developed locally and supporting both English and Afrikaans! It is a Colourful, fun and affordable 7 inch Android Tablet, pre-loaded with educational software, games and story books.

A great feature is the parent child mode which allows parents to fully customise functionality for their children. Aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 12, the Bubblegum tablet features: story books, maths games, reading games, memory games and a host of other educational games to make learning fun.

To make the package even sweeter it comes with a bundle option, called the Bubblegum Suitcase which gives you a complete pack of accessories to ensure that your child can get the maximum use from the tablet. This bundle includes an over the ear headset, car seat mount, car charger and a protective silicone cover and all this for only R1899!

Check it out at shop.cellucity.co.za


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