CAT S60 – FLIR’ping fantastic

Caterpillar the maker of earth moving monsters, have turned their hand to making rugged phones that would happily sit alongside their machines! In the past the focus has always simply been on making a rugged tough phone that can stand the knocks of a demanding work environment. So the majority of CAT phones are waterproof, dust proof, shockproof and have strengthened chassis and screens, however in doing so you generally end up sacrificing looks and performance.

CAT recently unveiled the S60 as their flagship device, and whilst it won’t compete head on with say the Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms of processing power and features, it certainly does the job one expects of a top end Android device and its responsive and quick.

But in this crowded market, how does one stand out from amongst the rest? For CAT they have incorporated a FLIR camera (thermal imaging) into this bad boy, so it’s not for everyone but definitely has some excellent niche appeal.

With that FLIR camera, it’s going to find great appeal to those in the building, aircon and plumbing industries whilst also providing a super advantage to security officers! Hear a strange noise in the garden at night, whip out the S60 switch on the FLIR camera and scan around the garden to see if there any heat sources hiding in the bushes 🙂

The other feature on steroids is the waterproof rating which will keep your CAT S60 in working order after being submerged up to 5m for an hour! There is even a cool speaker drying app on the phone which cycles for 2/6 or 10 mins and essentially uses sound and vibration to “bounce” water out the speaker… way cool 🙂

So if your work demands more than most devices can handle, S60 is here!


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