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The Western Cape Government just dropped a new texting while driving advert. Its good –  Really Good! (If you haven’t seen it, you really should take a look – Definitely food for thought.

As someone who sits in traffic on a daily basis I may just have seen it all. From the “eyes down” texter to the erratic “on a call and not concentrating” speedster. Why? With so many options out there for handsfree there really is no excuse. Let’s pop our treasure trunk and have a squizz at what Cellucity has available.

Keeping it simple we have the humble car cradle. Our Skunkworx range of cradles come in two varieties. We have a magnetic cradle that is discreet and simply pops onto your car air vent to hold your phone. Our car mount is a bit bulkier and sits on your dashboard, clamping your phone in for extra hold. Please bear in mind though, you will need to still swipe to answer your call (or set up Siri or Google assist). Your your chat will also have to be on loudspeaker.

Plantronics K100 visor speakerIf this isn’t quite your speed let me introduce the K100 bluetooth speakerphone. The portable brainchild of Plantronics, this nifty little kit has a slim profile and is able to broadcast your calls, music and GPS directions from your smartphone. It has easy to locate one touch control button and makes for a safe and easy user experience. The FM transmitter also allows you to stream audio and calls through your car radio – all without having to install an ultra-expensive fully integrated car-kit! The one downside is that  this is a speakerphone and everyone in your car will be able to hear and contribute to your conversation.

For those who prefer to keep it private, there is the more conventional Bluetooth earpiece. There are a wide variety of models and these are probably the most popular form of handsfree.

Keeping it simple the Plantronics E10 or E50 are your standard no frills options. With a battery life of 11 hours and offering noise reduction the E10 and E50 are our best sellers. The only noticeable difference between the two is that the E50 (at R449) can connect two different devices while the E10 (at a bargain R299) can only be paired to one device.

Plantronics M90The M70 and M90 are the next level in the Plantronics range. Both these headsets offer three different language options at set up, discreet sound and up to 10m walking range. They come standard with deep sleep mode which conserves battery life when not in use, have fantastic noise reduction and offer soft ear tips for a comfortable fit. The M70 can activate Siri, Google Now and Cortana with a voice prompt and works well with the “find my headset” app for Android. The M90 offers HD audio and the 2-in-1 cable allows you to charge both your headset and cellphone at the same time.

At the top of the pile we have the big guns – the Voyager Legend and the Sony Xperia Ear. The Voyager Legend is another item in the Plantronics catalogue and offers a multitude of user options including activation via touch or voice, the option to direct a call to voice mail instead of answering and it has the ability to read emails texts and news updates.

You can read my full review of the sony xperia ear HERE.


Xperia™ Ear

Handsfree is the only safe and legal way and an absolute must for drivers that want or need to be in contact on the road. Whatever your fancy there is a hands-free option for you.

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