Porting – How to

Back in the day if you were unsatisfied with your service provider, had poor signal or just wanted a change you had to kiss your cellphone number goodbye. Porting has revolutionized the cellular industry allowing customers to be selective without having to worry about losing their number.

With over 30 stores nationwide and as an industry leader, Cellucity is positioned to provide you with unparalleled service. Offering friendly sales expertise, onsite data support and a range of accessories to kit you out – I believe Cellucity offers a complete and uncomplicated mobile shopping experience.

As an exclusive Vodacom dealer, let’s highlight a few reasons why you should consider the switch:

  • According to a recent independent study by My Broadband only 0.6% of Vodacom clients experienced dropped calls*
  • According to Ookla Net Index Statistics, Vodacom has the fastest mobile internet speeds in the country and recent MyBroadband speed tests reveal average download speeds of 14.17Mbps with 0.493 Mbps upload speeds*
  • Vodacom has 99% coverage (based on 2G, 3G and LTE connectivity) *
  • It takes on average 17 seconds for our call centre agents to answer a customer care call *
  • Vodacom was voted best Telecommunications company for 2016/2017 at the Annual Sunday Times Top Brands survey

The port process is simple and If this convinces you, here is what you need to know to prepare you for porting to South Africa’s Leading Cellular Network.


What you will need: Your current provider SIM needs to be active. A port security PIN will be sent to that SIM card to verify the port. Your ID and Proof of residence are required (for RICA purposes). Please note that prepaid ports can only occur once every 30 days – so if for whatever reason you change your mind you will only be able to change again after 30 days.

The Process: Pop into any Cellucity and purchase a prepaid Vodacom SIM card. Our sales consultants will process a port-in request which sends a security PIN to your current SIM. This needs to be verified on our system for the port-in to be initiated. Prepaid Ports get processed between 7.30PM and 11.30PM – weekdays only. If this is a bit short notice you can request the port to go through within 30 days. Any current airtime that you have on your old sim will not be carried over so be sure to use it all up first.


What you will need:

Your contract with your current service provider will need to be active (but out of the 24-month contract period).

The Process: To port a personal number you will need to supply your name, ID number and current cellphone contract account number (as they appear on your cellphone bill). Bringing along a copy of your statement and ID always assists in preventing any error. Any incorrect information will result in a declined port request.

For business clients, you will need to supply your business registration number, email and telephonic contact details. These will need to match the information registered with your original network or the port will be declined. Again, we advise that you take a copy of your current invoice along to prevent mistakes.

If you would like to port out of a business and into your personal name, this is possible but for legal reasons we will require a letterhead from your company approving this.

As with prepaid your port will go through, once activated, between 7.30PM and 11.30PM weekdays only.


If you are porting to a Vodacom contract, you must ensure your contract application has been approved in advance.

It is important to back up any data stores on your current SIM card. Information is not automatically transferred to the new SIM card.

For contract ports, it is also best to check with your current service provider if a cancellation is required to prevent double billing.

Any airtime, call time, free minutes and data bundles do not get carried over to your new network once processed and your old SIM card will be de-activated by your previous network. Make sure you have used up any benefits or are happy to lose them. Alternatively, arrange with us to have your port delayed until it is convenient to be processed.



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