Introducing DreamLab – The App that helps fight COVID-19

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Help with COVID-19 and cancer research

Introducing DreamLab – a free, secure app from Vodafone Foundation that harnesses the power of a connected world. Join the thousands of people speeding up vital COVID-19 and cancer research while they sleep. #FightCOVID19InYourSleep tonight.

Vodacom in partnership with Vodafone is leading the charge against COVID-19 by #StayingConnected. Join the #DreamTeam, download the DreamLab app to help fight COVID-19 while you sleep. You can help us take the fight to COVID-19 by downloading DreamLab today.

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We have teamed up with Imperial College London to launch the new Corona-AI project, which harnesses the power of a connected world and DreamLab technology to help in the fight against COVID-19. DreamLab in the UK has been supporting Project DRUGS alongside Imperial College London in vital cancer research for over two years. This project is still available in the app and will continue in parallel with the new COVID-19-focused project.

How does the DreamLab App work:

DreamLab lets thousands of people help speed up vital COVID-19 and cancer research while they sleep. Best of all, it’s completely free and secure. Download DreamLab today, #SleepLikeAHero tonight. Scroll down in the projects tab in the app to select the project you would like to work on.


Charge your phone overnight and #SleepLikeAHero.


While you sleep, DreamLab taps into its unused processing power and turns your phone into a virtual supercomputer to support Covid-19 and vital cancer research.


Your phone is capable of processing billions of calculations. DreamLab harnesses its power and lets it join the thousands of other DreamLab users across the UK to research better ways to fight COVID-19 and cancer.


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DreamLab and your data

DreamLab doesn’t access or collect personal or private information. It’ll ask to access photo and media folders to store tiny research problems in a directory while your phone processes and solves them. It’ll then only access the files it creates in that specific file directory – and nothing else.

No private information, no photos, no data – just incredibly important COVID-19 and cancer research data.