New additions to the Samsung Galaxy A range in 2017

Launching this year is Samsung’s third instalment of the Galaxy A range; the A3 2017; A5 2017 and A7 2017 editions.

Phone “sequels” generally consists of subtle changes with upgrades to speed, processor power and cameras – nice to haves but short on hype and excitement.

This time, Samsung has done a complete overhaul with a complete chassis redesign and have included improvements previously limited to their premium range: water/dustproof (IP68), fingerprint sensors (finally!) and always-on display.

The A3, A5 and A7 2017 editions have had their charging port upgraded to the new USB-C standard allowing for faster charging and easier transferring of data.

If that isn’t enough, Samsung is actively looking for ways to secure the data on your phone. All three models will be launched with Secure Folder. Simply put this allows you to hide your personal files (documents, images and videos) behind an encrypted firewall. A secure way to prevent any prying eyes from catching a glimpse of your weekend shenanigans! This folder is secured with biometric authentication – privacy is now privacy.

Samsung Galaxy A7 and A5 2017
Galaxy A7 Black + Galaxy A5 Gold

The nitty-gritty

Like in the movies, you have the stars and the supporting cast. The A7 2017 is the clear star with its 5.7-inch screen and 3600mAh battery. However, the A5 2017 is not far behind with its 5.2-inch screen and 3000 mAh battery.

This is where the differences between these models end. Both sport a really cool 16MP front AND back camera, yes you read right, front AND back! No matter whether you are taking a normal photo or selfie there is no more compromise on quality! Adding to this improvement, Samsung have also upgraded the autofocus and improved the performance in low light conditions.

Packed with 3GB RAM and a 1.9 Octa-Core processor these two models are not shy of punch! Furthermore, Samsung has gifted their new A range with increased internal memory – 32GB of it!

Supporting from the sides is the Galaxy A3 2017. With a 4.7 inch screen, it is smaller than its co-stars. It doesn’t have the 16MP camera of its counterparts but it still boasts a respectable 13MP main camera and very decent 8MP selfie camera.
There is also a step down in power 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage but if you are not a power user, you still can’t go wrong with the little gem!

In what can only be described as a salute to its fan base Samsung has really come to the party with these three new models. Even though these may be considered mid-tier phones, Samsung have gone some way to include A-list features and giving you bang for your buck!

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