Nokia is back and has plans to burn some of the competition

Good old Nokia is still connecting people with Nokia 6 with Android

Anyone who is old enough to have owned one will undoubtedly be familiar with the cell phone brand Nokia. I mean, how iconic. I remember playing Snake in class (this may be a hint to my age), or spending weekends creating monotone ringtones from the phone keypad.

At the time Nokia seemed invincible and with models like the “unbreakable” 3310 or the 6310 with the battery that never died I would never have imagined Nokia’s huge fall from grace. It really was sad when the iconic Nokia brand seemed to crash and burn into oblivion?
The advent of the Lumia range did little but hammer the final nail in the coffin and Nokia seemed doomed to the dusty pages of mobile phone history – even with the then owners Microsoft spurning the Nokia name.

However, HMD global, a Finnish company, obtained the rights to the Nokia name and are resurrecting this global phone giant in the form of the new Nokia 6. As Nokia’s first Android offering HMD have ensured that the Nokia 6 has embraced the much loved hallmarks of its ancestors: craftsmanship, quality and an emphasis on consumer experience.

As an avid Nokia fan as soon as I caught wind of this launch I got very excited and began my research into this new model. What stuck out the most for me is the fact that the designer seem to have truly thought about what customers was in a user experience and, by the sounds of things, delivered what customers are looking for.


Android Nokia 6The first thing that strikes you is the compelling quality build and design. The Nokia 6 has a twice anodized series 6000 Aluminium chassis with 5.5″ screen. What does that mean? Essentially this process adds corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance protection and durability (who hasn’t dropped their phone onto the road before?). 5 x polished, the Nokia 6 boasts an immaculate finish with a high level of visual and structural quality.

Have you ever been outside, in the middle of summer with no shade and received a text message? Of course you have! Have you ever squinted to read it? Yip, not fun at all. The Nokia 6 creators have thought about this and have added a laminated polarizing layer on the screen to allow for improved screen readability in sunlight.


So, do we get a phone based just on design? Well, no. Adding to the design the Nokia 6 features a 16MP back camera that sports dual tone flash and phase detection autofocus. Without getting to technical this ensures sharp and clear images. Coupled with this you get a 8MP selfie camera with 84 degree wide angle lens to fit more memories into. If you are anything like me and use your phone as a “do it all” device you would have found yourself plugging it into your car or strapping it to your arm while running to listen to your favourite song.

HMD have also included dual stereo speakers AND dual smart amplifiers to their new Nokia boasting louder sound, deeper bass, higher voice quality with an unmatched clarity. If after a hard day work (or during a hard day at work) you enjoy immersing yourself in music, these features are really exciting. Rounding off the trio is Dolby Atmos technology that complements the speakers giving an almost 3D sound.

Touching briefly on the more technical side of things, what I found impressive on a so-called mid-range offering is the 4GB RAM, 64GB built in storage, Octo-Core processor and additional of a built in fingerprint sensor with the home button. There is a little disappointment though because the Nokia 6 is initially only schedule for release in China but indication is that HMD are gearing up their model range for international launch in 2017.

Like the phoenix from the ashes, it looks like Nokia is back and has plans to burn some of the competition!

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