The new flagship phones coming in 2017

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and the handset manufacturers have begun releasing their latest flagship models to the public!
We have seen the introduction of the G6 from LG, the S8 from Samsung, an all new range of Android Nokia’s, Sony’s new Premium XZ Premium and XA1 and finally the Huawei P10 series.
So what can we expect from the various manufacturers? In the past year it has become abundantly clear that the gap between a mid range phone and a premium flagship device has narrowed hugely and the technical advantage of having the latest premium device has largely been relegated to only claiming bragging rights of having “the latest”.

Samsung has at least pushed the boundary on the S8 and introduced an edge to edge curved screen which really gives the impression that you are holding the pinnacle of tech in your hands. It is quite simply an amazing device and feedback from customers has been astoundingly good. Then LG has also come to the party with the G6 with an edge to edge screen, although not as “curved” as the Samsung it is also provides a great user experience with the visual display and comes in slightly cheaper than the Samsung. Nokia will soon be landing its new Android Range of phones featuring phones from R2500 to R4500 with its Nokia 3, 5 and 6 phones. What you will get from Nokia, is a superb build quality, a solid design at a really affordable price. With Sony their latest XZ Premium is a beautiful device yet it just feels if they are getting a little left behind by the pack, their L1 however does open up the market in the affordable category and with such a strong brand, it presents itself as a compelling aspirational purchase.
Finally Huawei launches the P10, whilst maybe not as revolutionary as Samsung (our internal joke is, it is the best iPhone, Huawei have ever made), the P10 provides great value and a photography experience which will impress most die hard photographers and with their collaboration with Leica, it truly is an exceptional photographer.
So loads to choose from at the moment!

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