Fibre in your area

When it comes to internets speeds, there can be little denying that Fibre is King. We live in a time where Instant gratification has become the new norm and a slow internet service something that increases the stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s be honest, South Africa is well behind many countries around the globe and even in Africa.

tabletBUT, we are catching up – and fast. All the big internet providers are investing heavily in laying fibre across the country with most cities being covered and rollout to the suburbs, complexes and gated communities well under way. The even better news is the cost of Fibre is dropping and there are packages and bundles often cheaper than conventional ADSL.

So, has Fibre been installed in your area? Have you made the switch from ADSL?

If you have answered no to either of those questions this is just for you…

Cellucity has teamed up with Intergro Technologies – a service driven internet provider to assist you in making the switch. Complete our “express your interest form and not only will we keep you informed of the Fibre roll out in your area but when Fibre is available we will be able to offer you competitive internet packages – for your home or business.

So, Why Intergro Technologies?

  • Intergro Technologies has relationships with all the major companies providing the fibre backbone.
  • The Fibre packages are truly uncapped: No throttling, no soft cap, no fair usage policy!
  • You receive a free (VOIP) voice line with your contract with amazingly competitive call rates whether it’s local, mobile or international (international rates dependant on country).
  • You can port your current phone number with ease and you will also receive free call recording for 60 days.
  • Download the Data Dialler app to make and receive VoIP calls on your mobile phone-with free on net calling to anyone with Intergro connect!

Available for home and business users the fibre options vary depending on your needs. For home use the line speed available ranges from 8Mbps to 40 Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 24-month agreement and includes a free modem and installation as well as one free voice line for voice calls (IP telephone required).

For business clients, the line speed available ranges from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. Sign up is subject to a 36-month agreement and includes 4-16 free voice lines depending on package selected. Installation and modem is also free.

Interested? Complete your details here and a Fibre specialist will contact you. If Fibre is not available in your area we will keep you updated and informed – obligation free.

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