Nexus is dead. Long live Pixel

In a world dominated by technology, when it finally comes time to upgrade our cell phone we should breathe a sigh of relief? Not so fast! Plunged into a “war of worlds” amongst brand giants how are we, mere mortals, supposed to decide on which handset will accompany us on the next two – year journey? If you are brand loyal then the decision is normally easy right? Go with the update of our previous model. However, with new competitors popping up every year the decision gets just a little bit more difficult each time. I mean, this is a commitment, a commitment to a device which will essentially become an extension of us.

Faced with a number of choices, Google has now decided it wants a bigger piece of the pie. So already confused/unsure of whether to change or stay with the same, in walks the Google Pixel and his big brother the Google Pixel XL. Who are these new kids? How dare they come in at this crucial moment, I mean we were so close to making a decision! I could bore you with terms like RAM, Processor, MP, Chipset etc, suffice it to say this is a premium device which can compete head on with all of today’s top of the rage across all of the usual specs. Why, I hear you say, should I give the Pixel the time of day? What makes it special? Well here you go.

google pixel - whiteMade by Google the Pixel will be the first Android 7.1 to feature Google Assistant built in. Google Assistant will allow two-way dialogue between you and your Pixel. By pulling all relevant information in terms of what interests you and combining it with Google’s searching and device voice controls, Google is hoping to offer a more AI user experience. For example, you would be able to ask Google Assistant where to go for dinner and not only will it offer up suggestions based on your preferences but it can also access a booking site to make your reservations.

Along with Google Assistant the Pixel will also provide 24/7 support built in, unheard of until now! For me this justifies all the hype. I don’t know about you but when I get a new phone I haven’t the foggiest as to all the apps or how it works. Day or night, help is at hand. And if you are the go to tech person in your family, 24/7 will be invaluable. We are however not sure if this feature will be supported in South Africa.

With Social Media taking over as a major form of communication surely you would want the best camera? Hashtag Smile! With an 89 DxoMark Mobile score, the Pixel is the highest rated smartphone camera ever! What on earth does this mean? In short DxOMark is the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings. A real mouthful but what we trying to say is that this score is significant. This camera is a big deal. The 12.3MP camera delivers impressive image quality with the highest level of detail and very low level of noise (noise is camera lingo meaning any visual distortion, grainy pixelation and/or discoloration of your photos – yup, I had to look that up).

If your mind hasn’t been sufficiently blown yet, the Pixel will offer Smart Storage. Essentially coming in 32GB and 128GB when your memory is full the phone will automatically transfer to the cloud, no more space issues (the only downside is no expandable memory card slot – and cloud storage can be a little tricky in SA)! The phone is splash and dust resistant and comes in a sleek and sexy design, with Pixel imprint. With a long lasting battery, the Pixel really does make a convincing case as to why you should pick it for your team.

As of now, the release date for South Africa has not been confirmed. Size and price have also not yet been confirmed. My advice, if you can hang on to your current device for a little bit longer then do. Why not go off the beaten track, have a little adventure and open your arms up to the Google Pixel and show it some love.

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