Pokemon GO – the effect

So the craze that has gripped the world! If you don’t know about it already, you are probably not ever going to play it 🙂 A game played on your smartphone, that uses Google maps and augmented reality to encourage players to get outside and be active – purpose explore the world outdoors whilst trying to catch Pokemon creatures! Once you have got a little menagerie going you can train them, power them up and battle fellow players.

By using your smartphones GPS location and Google maps, the app has a big drain on your battery and to a lesser degree a drain on your data bundle! Firstly an hours playing can deplete around 20% of your battery life, so if you going to be going on an epic Pokemon catching spree, having a power bank is an ideal option (check out our online store for some great options). Secondly how much data will you use whilst catching and training your Pokemon’s? Data from Verizon in the USA tallies it up at around 10MB per hour, we tested it at our Cape Town Head Office and were using 12MB an hour, so it is relatively light on data usage. It is advisable however to ensure you have a data bundle loaded so you don’t get stung by the OoB (out of bundle) shark.

Forewarned, forearmed… now GO track down Pikachu!

Pikachu - the original pocket monster

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