Apple Doctor

Crash, bang, smash, sigh! Your eyes are shut tight, every little wrinkle pronounced. You hold your breath and slowly pry one eye open to look down at the inevitable. I don’t know why we do this, we already know when we open our eyes what we are going to see. The screen of our pride and joy, shattered. Admit it, you (like myself) have followed this script above at some point – probably more than once.

Never mind smashed screens – remember the time your friend, perhaps after one too many, was convinced your phone could swim and dropped it in a pitcher of something (that night is still a bit hazy hey)?

Well, whether your phone is suffering from crackilitis, overhydration (water damage) or chronic fatigue (dead battery), we all know this is not covered under warranty. But not to worry, should you have an Apple device Cellucity has your back when it comes to quick fixes!

Cellucity have recently teamed up with Apple Doctor, a company with over 10 years’ experience in repairing Apple devices.

According to director, James Winter, “Apple Doctor success is based on its three main pillars of excellence – proper diagnosis of the problem, a speedy repair that does not compromise quality, and then getting your device back to you in the most efficient way possible.” But these are not the only things that set Apple Doctor apart from the competition according to James. ”Apple Doctor staff are committed to making an already tough situation easier for its customers. This makes its partnership with a leading national retailer like Cellucity, such a suitable one.”

Call for an ambulance!

Currently you can find fully qualified Apple Doctor technicians in 16 Cellucity branches nationally – offering a same day repair service. (Click here for the list of branches) If you can’t make it to a supported store then Apple Doctors “ambulance” (our speedy motorbike) will come and collect your phone and drop it off again, all for only R10. This service is currently only available in Cape Town but will be extended to Jo’burg and Durban shortly.

Need more convincing? Not only are Apple Doctor repairs 100% guaranteed for up to 3 months, they also offer free replacement Skunkworx Earpods with all repairs.

iPhones are probably the most likely phone to get handed down; from parent to child, sister to brother, brother to little brother. Cellucity and Apple Doctor have been innovative with their “refresh your phone” option. If you sign up for a Vodacom SIM only deal (R89 per month for R110 airtime or R149 per month for R200 airtime) An Apple Doctor techie will offer you a complete refresh of your iPhone (5/5S or 6) worth R1200 absolutely free. This refresh includes a new battery, tempered glass screen protector, new cables and for safe measure 20 point health check. Just what you need to breathe life into an old friend.

If I haven’t convinced yet that Apple doctor service goes above and beyond, visit their Twitter or Facebook pages and let our happy customers convince you. Seriously, why go anywhere else?

Your phone may have crackilitis but let Apple Doctor help you crack a smile (see what I did there?).

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