B&O A1 Speaker

One on one, playing music through your phone speakers can do the job. BUT, if you have guests, are throwing a party or just want to sound a room for maximum personal enjoyment, your phone just does not do the job.

In your quest for Bluetooth convenience and ultimate sound you decide on a portable speaker – and a speaker is just a speaker right? No. As with most things in life, there is often a trade-off between brand, quality, and price.

Now, Let me introduce you to Bang and Olufsen.

B&O have been around for over 90 years. Their products are all built with focus on the entire experience – from design, to performance, to craftsmanship and human experience. Their philosophy is they are in the business of providing customers not with sound but with Goosebumps.

Cue the Beoplay A1 speaker. When we were shown the speaker it got us a little hot under the collar. There is simplicity in design. The designer has built the soft touch buttons into the base so there are no protrusions. The smooth aluminium along with the leather straps gives the A1 a supremely luxurious feel. It is splash and dust resistant and great for the dining room table or to take with you outdoors – whether by the pool, at the beach or on your next camping trip. The aluminium casing has also been designed to withstand a knock.

If we pop the hood, the drivers, amps and dual-speakers have been designed to give the best performance in category. With a combined peak power of 280 Watts it is safe to say this the A1 is powerful for a wireless speaker. Adding to this the Ambient True 360º sound and you have a little powerhouse on your hand. The 360º sound offers excellent sound distribution no matter where you put it.

The clarity of this speaker is unmatchable and the volume at which the music comes out is incredible. If default standards are not your thing, download the BEOPLAY app allowing you to control the sound mix. If you like Megan Trainor, are all about the bass you can turn it up or if you are in the mood for afternoon chill music, you can set it for a softer sound.

But don’t take my word for it. Pop down to Cellucity store to give one a test spin. Happy listening!

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