SIM only deals – GET DOUBLE THE VALUE, if you don’t take a phone

With smartphone technological breakthrough race having slowed down and fewer and fewer life changing innovations being introduced, more and more of us are happy to keep or old smartphone for that little bit longer and perhaps wait for the next big thing! So if you due for an upgrade or you contract has reached its term, (and you’re not itching for a new phone) you should seriously consider “SIM ONLY” deals from Vodacom. On the SIM ONLY Plans you get double the value of the plan, so for example if you are on a Smart M @ R319 per month you normally get 120 minutes, 300 MB data and 300 sms which is then DOUBLED so your monthly allocation is then 240 minutes, 600MB and 600 sms! Boing! Result!

If you due for an upgrade you can sign up for this value immediately, but bare in mind that should you decide to get a phone later in the contract period you would need to pay up. Our advice is to get to the term date of your contract and simply “migrate to a sim only plan” on a month to month basis, thereby giving you the value without locking you in and then when your ideal new smartphone arrives you are free to upgrade and extend your contract.

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