VIVA MADRID – Style for your mobile

Finding functionality and style in a mobile phone case can be rather a chore these days. You either get plain and simple, any colour as long as its black, or the current flavour of the month a clear case but finding a case with style is difficult. This in part is due to the high level of redundancy of cases as their “shelf” life is limited to the lifespan of the phone and if the phone is not a popular seller, distributors and retailers are very hesitant to stock cases for them. 

We recently introduced the Viva Madrid range exclusively into Cellucity and whilst the ranges are currently limited to Samsung and iPhone we pretty sure this range which has been,  “Inspired by haute couture, pays homage to the artisan craft designer cases with intricate attention to detail. You can expect lasting protection that packs in solid style and function; after all, each piece is a wearable classic that resonates with the modern trendsetter of today.

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